Publisher: above/ground press
Copyright © 2009, R. Prevost




More imagined you
than you is
unavoidable crash

Ego worships most interesting signals

Forged conversation leaves vulnerable
on ordinary couch

We're of uneven magnitude
one full order of

Publisher: Dusty Owl press
Copyright © 2009, R. Prevost



admissions win a price

remember dainties by a nile of
dazzled sun-cooked pigskin flutes

nothing remains of these remains
bicepts travel lighter by ghost

might forgives & gravity wields
every bland fortune's grinwipe

Publisher: A Bywords Publication
Copyright © 2007, R. Prevost



not just the crook but the crime, never apprehended
in human equivalent chrysalis years, sooner charges laid

a wasp's nest, grey paper long abandoned, on embers flashes
after the flames, a silence as empty, flecks spiral up

tomorrow, we're told, a slight drizzling rain
will ride in on an unusual south-easter



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